Lettuce Sandwich–3 Ways?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Mary Harris Frazer’s 1903 Kentucky Receipt Book contains not one, but THREE different recipes for lettuce sandwiches. The basic idea seems simple enough that one might not even need a single set of written directions, but this is clearly not the case. So, in case you’re entertaining this weekend—tailgaters, this probably won’t make you the hit of the party, but feel free to try—check out the recipes below…and enjoy? 

Lettuce Sandwich (aka “The Stack”)

Select tender crisp lettuce, wash and wipe dry. When ready to serve, have bread cut in thin slices, butter and place on lettuce leaf, spread lightly with Mayonnaise and add another slice of bread, press together and continue to add bread until a sufficient quantity has been prepared.

Lettuce Sandwich (aka “The BLT minus the T”)

Cut thin slices of bread, and spread with butter. Broil slices of breakfast bacon until crisp. Place 1 leaf of lettuce on bread, cover with a cooked mustard dressing, then add 1 slice of breakfast bacon and add another slice of bread, and press closely together. 

Lettuce Sandwich (aka “The Basic”)

Cut bread with round cutter, place on crisp lettuce and cover with mayonnaise dressing.

And if none of these appeal to you, how do YOU make a lettuce sandwich?


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