Newman Library Classic Film Series: Your 1960s Kitchen!

As part of an ongoing series, sharing films from the collection at Newman Library, we invite you to join us for three shorts relating to household management. On Sunday, October 2, at 8:30pm, the library will be showing “15 Minutes to Mealtime,” “Freeze for Ease,” and “Alice in Numberland.” The first of these two films are VPI productions, and the last comes to us from the USDA.

Weather permitting, this an outdoor event, so bring your blanket or lawn chair! 

More information on the event can be found on the Newman Library Classic Film Series: Your 1960s Kitchen Facebook page.


Just What IS Cookin’?

Special Collections at Virginia Tech is home to a growing collection of books, publications, pamphlets, and manuscript materials relating to Culinary History. Additional information on the Culinary History Collection, as well as the two subsets of this collection, the Peacock Harper Culinary Collection and the Ann Hertzler Children’s Literature and Nutrition Archive, is available thorough the Special Collections website. Other materials in the Culinary History Collection are available through the circulating collection at Newman Library. All books and manuscripts can be found in the library catalog, Addison.

In order to provide an online peek into this exciting group of materials, including handwritten manuscript receipt (recipe) books, early 20th century Jell-O pamphlets, local and community cookbooks from Virginia, and historic American recipe books, we are launching a new blog. Once a week, we will feature an item that, for one reason or another, catches our attention. It may be colorful illustrations, especially rare content, a favorite standard, or questionably edible recipes, but hopefully, each item will offer a little entertainment and a little history. And keep your eyes open for quotes, links, new acquisitions, and events that are just begging to be shared.

Feel free to comment and/or ask questions about specific items or the collection in general (use the “Ask about Culinary History at Special Collections” button on the right)—we’ll do our best to answer them. And if you’re in the area, hoping for the close up view, we’re here Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.