Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Virginia Tech Special Collections! We don’t have a new feature for you this week, but we did pull an older post out of the archives(originally posted in . You  know, in case you have those last minute fruitcake needs…

In 1980, Albondocani Press produced a Christmas card with Eudora Welty’s White Fruitcake recipe. The cover art, by Robert Dunn, was an hand drawn image that actually looks quite appealing!


This fruitcake used bourbon, which would be a nice compliment to the pecan, crystallized cherries and pineapple, and lemon peel. You can find the recipe online in a number of places, including the Cookbook of the Day blog. Welty’s recipe may not have been created by her, but she did give it quite the boost. This recipe may be a little late for this year, but you can always start fruitcake planning for next year…


One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I think Welty was comfortable in a kitchen. She wrote the forward to the 1971 community cookbook, ‘The Jackson Cookbook’ on behalf of the Symphony League of Jackson, Mississippi . Mrs.Mosal’s White Fruitcake gets a mention.

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