A Monday Morning Recipe (#5) (& a Note on Summer Posts)

Summer (which isn’t even here yet!) is turning out to be busier than expected, so it looks like I may be posting features on a bi-monthly basis over the next few months, but I’m trying to get back on track with Monday quotes, news, and recipes.

Lately, I’ve been diving into a couple of culinary topics to help some researchers. Among other things, it’s led me to the topic of/ingredient Crisco, which is a staple in my baking pantry (which, to be honest, is the most substantial part of my pantry). These two recipes come from the 1948 edition of “New Recipes for Good Eating,” a Proctor & Gamble publication. It’s 112 pages of Crisco recipes, from frying to breads to pastry to cakes and cookies. Pretty versatile, huh?



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