Soul Food, Soul Food Cookbook Sampler

Continuing on some of our Black History Month theme, I thought this week I’d offer a “soul food sampler.” Our collection contains a variety of African-American contributions to food history, but not, perhaps as we might like. There are a number of particular items on our wish list for the History of Food & Drink Collection which would help to remedy that. Plus, we’re always on the look out for new known and unknown items that might help, too. One area in which we have at least several handfuls of books is on the topic of “soul food.” These are relatively recent publications–for a collection that dates back to the 1690s, anyway–from the 1960s and 1970s, but this was a time of renewed interest in African-American food culture.

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The books in the slideshow include:

  • Kaiser, Inez Yeargen. 1968. Soul Food Cookery. Rev. ed. New York: Pitmab. Corp.
  • Griffin, Hattie Rhinehart. 1969. Soul-Food Cookbook. A Hearthstone book. New York: Carltoess.
  • Jeffries, Bob. 1970. Soul Food Cookbook.Indialis: Bobbs-Merrill Co.
  • Waddles, Charleszetta. 1970. The Mother Waddles Soul Food Cookbook. 2d ed. Detroit: Perpetual Soul Saving Mission for All Nations.

If you’re curious about some other African-American culinary history books in our collection, you can see a list of some items online. This is a particular list based on a search I put together, and I heartily encourage you to explore the catalog and collection on your own, too!

On a final note this week, for those of you in Blacksburg, there’s an event this weekend that could of interest…if you can get a seat! The Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation and the Odd Fellows Committee are hosting a “Soul Food Sampling.” I’d be surprised if there’s room left, but it certainly can’t hurt to ask.

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