A Note on News and Quotations

At present, I (your archivist/blogger Kira) am going through some of the many presentations I’ve done on the History of Food & Drink Collection over the last 6+ years and, in the process, have stumbled back over some of my favorite quotes. In thinking about other ideas for the blog, you might see a subtle shift. In addition to the second-half-of-the-week feature item, keep your eyes open for an early week quote or culinary-related news story. Believe me, we’re NOT the only ones talking about food!


“One month during the year should be free of any special cleaning, so the homemaker may have a holiday from routine even if the family does not go away on an annual vacation.”

-House Cleaning Management and Methods. Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1834, January 1940

“The food in tin containers exposed [to a nuclear blast] at 3,750 feet and greater distances away, was undamaged except for perforations from flying bits of shattered glass window panes…the food was not adversely affected.”

-Those Blasted Canned Foods: Exhibit on Nuclear Tests in Nevada by the National Canners Association. Presented at Horticulture Show, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1956


One thought on “A Note on News and Quotations

  1. Fowler’s “Food for Fifty” was the text for VT’s quantity cookery class in the ’50s. I took the text with me and as a young bride, amazed the church ladies with answers to quantities to be purchased for group meals. Later when the first baby was due I donated a copy to be kept in the kitchen so others could find answers.

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