The NMAH and Gelatin!

The National Museum of American History has taken their culinary materials one step further–and made some 1930s gelatin dishes to share! Check out their blog post, “Tasting the 1930s: An experiment with congealed salads and other one-dish wonders.”

I’ve had more than one person ask me about the possibility of doing a feature or two where I actually make a dish or two from cookbooks in our collection. And the idea keeps rolling around in my brain. Perhaps this is just the inspiration I need. I may just have to do some hunting for the right recipes…


One thought on “The NMAH and Gelatin!

  1. There is a goofy group here in Eugene called Radar Angels. Every year they have a “Jell-O” event on April 1. One year my mom got whacked on the back of the head with the ammo from a Jell-O catapult! She wouldn’t go again. My favorite was a Barbie doll in a “glass” coffin, a la Snow White. There have been some spectacular (if not delicious) creations.

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