Cooking with Ground Meat–It’s WAY More Than Hamburgers

As you may have noticed, we have quite a number of publications from the Culinary Arts Institute, an organization that was based in Chicago in the early and mid-20th century. It’s also no secret I love these publications! I’ve written on it before for previous posts about Ruth Berolzheimer and other publications in the series (There’s Something about Dairy!Ring Out 2014–Culinary Arts Institute Style!; and Sandwiches, Part 2: Return of Frosted Sandwich). I’m pretty sure some of the series has appeared in other posts, too. I couldn’t help myself again this week when I found The Ground Meat Cookbook (1955). This post is a little lean, but it is chuck full of recipes. (I promise, next week, we’re on to other topics–but this has “Meaty Beets” and “Frosted Lamb Loaf!”)TX749C651955_tp

Like many of the other titles in this series, this one comes in booklet form. It’s 68 pages of recipes that, surprisingly, aren’t ALL meat based. It’s just mostly meat. And not just ground beef. You’ll find ground beef, veal, lamb, ham, tongue, livers, and corned beef dishes for appetizers, lunch, and dinner. There’s even a section of dessert recipes, if you’re really into mincemeat. Please note: I did spare you the image of “Frosted Lamb Loaf.”

You may notice it’s not all meat, either. There are recipes for sauces and accompaniments (LOTS of potatoes and rice), and there’s even some gelatin (a gelatin garnish made with tomato juice, meat broth, and chili sauce). But what really caught my eye were some of the creative appetizers: pickles stuffed with meat and sliced; beets done the same way; some dressed up ham/deviled eggs and lots of meatballs. Some of the recipes may seem a bit outdated, but others are familiar standbys that stand the test of time.

Most Culinary Arts Institute publications are still under copyright and you won’t find them online in their entirety. Which means you’ll have to pay us a visit to find a few more meat recipes for your table. Or, you can visit one of the other 11 libraries that have a copy. (Hmm, this title is a bit rarer than I realized!) Expect a short post on Friday with a quick announcement, then we’ll be back with a new feature next week. Cheers! Or, whatever one should say when toasting with “Porcupine Beef Balls” (no, they do NOT contain actual porcupine meat)…


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