Better Barbecues & Picnics (and Homes & Gardens)

I don’t know about you, Readers, but I’m wondering how September arrived so quickly. The end of summer is around the corner (gulp). The good news is, we have a three day weekend ahead of us! If you’re throwing a last “hurrah” picnic, BBQ, or cookout, today’s post should be an inspiration (for better or worse). Back in late June/early July, I had a short exhibit in our display cases, sharing books and publications on picnicking. This morning I picked one of the (literally) more colorful items to blog about. I can’t promise an intellectual discussion on the merits of gas v. charcoal, but I can guarantee lots of corn husks, food on skewers, and hot dogs. Oh, and some 1960s neon shades of color. This week, we’re featuring Barbecues and Picnics (1963) from the Better Homes & Gardens Creative Cooking Library series. I hope you like bacon…

In addition to this title, the Creative Cooking Library series also includes: Best BuffetsBirthdays and Family CelebrationsLunches and BrunchesMeals in MinutesMeals with a Foreign FlairSnacks and Refreshments and So-Good Meals. The History of Food and Drink Collection includes all 8 publications, so we can help you find something for every occasion!

Enjoy your Labor Day as we begin to say goodbye to summer! (Oh, and say “Hello!” to college football season, as we will in Blacksburg this weekend–Go Hokies!)


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