Talkin’ About Sandwiches

This week, we’re back to a favorite topic: sandwiches. (Nothing frosted this time, but I will caution that I found another recipe for one today’s feature and there will be a Frosted Sandwich, Part 4 post one of these days!) Sandwiches for Every Occasion by Demetria Taylor (also title TownTalk Sandwich Book) pretty much tells you what is it. However, you might be surprised just how many occasions DO need a sandwich…

This publication is corporate sponsored (Town Talk Bread, Worcester Baking Company, Massachusetts). But, unlike some similar items, it’s far less obvious. This is a booklet that’s all about the recipes. And the sandwiches. (Sooooo many fillings!) We haven’t digitized the entire item, but you’ll find recipes for themed parties, social events, everyday situations, picnics, holidays, and more. If you want to get ahead of the game, you can already start planning to use those Thanksgiving leftovers!

Although there isn’t anything we haven’t really seen before when it comes to sandwich fillings (or at least come close to), there are a few that might give you pause: Bacon and peanut butter? Tuna with pickled beets? Deviled ham and peanut butter? Flaked salmon with walnuts and green peppers? Peanut butter, orange rind, parsley, orange juice, and mayonnaise? (Seriously, sandwich cookbooks, leave the peanut butter alone–it’s fine as it is!)

At any rate, this great little publication is an important reminder: sandwiches are everywhere and you don’t need an excuse to enjoy them. Just grab your favorite bread and fillings and dive in. Stick with an old stand-by, or get creative–you might surprise yourself!

Have a favorite sandwich? Let us know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Talkin’ About Sandwiches

  1. ArchivistKira here! I’ve always been fond of sandwiches, so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I thought I should get the ball rolling! My dad made a great egg salad that included curry powder and his tuna salad always had just the right amount of relish. If I’m spoiling myself, I love proscuitto and fresh mozzarella or corned beef and spicy brown mustard. Yum!

  2. I saw a good-looking sandwich pictured on a blog this morning and looked it up – sounded great until I saw it has 1750 calories!

    Your memories sound yummy. (I like capers in both egg and tuna salads.) My fondest sandwich memory, though, is when I was a kid the parents of a friend of mine took me along on a picnic and the Grandmother brought this sandwich made of alternating layers of white and dark bread and different cream cheese mixtures. (Whole loaves so it made a large “cake.”) This was wrapped in waxed paper and a damp towel and put in the fridge until it sort of consolidated (a little pressure may have been used) and then it was frosted with more cream cheese and sliced crosswise. I couldn’t get enough! Have made a smaller version myself, but my spouse doesn’t like cream cheese so it has been a long time.

    Bon appetite!

    Lee Kirk

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