Upcoming Event on Campus: October 18th

Later this week, from October 16-18, Virginia Tech will be celebrating the installation of our 16th President, Timothy Sands. There will be a wide variety of events taking place around campus, all of which you can read about online: http://www.president.vt.edu/installation/index.html. This is exciting in and of itself, but I’m very proud to say that Special Collections has been invited to participate, too! On Saturday morning from 9am-12pm at the Inn at Virginia Tech, there’s going to be a showcase called “Experience Virginia Tech: Learn, Explore, Engage” (the schedule is online:http://www.president.vt.edu/installation/experience-virginia-tech.html). The showcase will include three-hour event featuring panel discussions, presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and talks by Virginia Tech’s master teachers. The event includes a series of “Living on Earth” displays: ” Water, Water, Everywhere,” “Food, Glorious Food,” and “Energy, Efficient and Sustainable,” so your usual archivist/blogger Kira will be there with materials from the History of Food and Drink Collection! If you’re in the Blacksburg area, I would encourage you to come out to any or all of the events. And if you attend the showcase, be sure to seek us out (I don’t know where within the Inn until the day of, so just keep your eyes peeled)! We’ll have some original books and manuscripts, a digital display of images, the opportunity to interact with the blog, and an archivist or two on hand to talk about the collection and department!


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