Betty Crocker & Outdoor Entertaining

As Friday afternoon hit and I still didn’t have an idea for a post, I suddenly remember the bright red box shelved in our Special Collections Media section. Saved by “Betty Crocker” for neither the first nor last time! (I know it’s really a team of people, but admit it, we all have an image of her.) A couple of years back, I found the cheery box that is the Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library (our edition is from 1971). As we headed into the Memorial Day weekend and grilling season, I pulled out the section called “Outdoor Entertaining.” (We’re only taking on one section for today–the cheery red box of Betty Crocker recipes holds lots of surprises for future posts!)

Skewered or spitted foods not pictured include steak kabobs, lamb or veal skewers, and ham on a spit, in case you were curious. There are a number of seafood recipes (nothing stabbed or punctured—though there is a fish in a wire grilling frame) in this section, what appears to be a nice recipe for grilled apples, and lots more meat.

So, as we kick off grilling season and unofficial summer, take some inspiration. This weekend, break out the coals/gas/wood and skewer away (carefully, of course). It’s amazing what you can do with a little grill power.


5 thoughts on “Betty Crocker & Outdoor Entertaining

  1. Hey – I used to make those bacon-wrapped hot dogs with cheese in the middle! Never had a grill back then, but they worked find under the broiler. I started doing the family shopping/cooking when I was about 11 or 12, so the hot dogs were economical and easy!

  2. Oh – I guess the recipe differs. I didn’t see melon or peanut butter: just assumed it was the same. Mine just had the cheese, some mustard, the hot dog wrapped in bacon. Mind the toothpicks! Good with broiled or grilled pineapple seasoned with some brown sugar and cinnamon.

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