The 1930s Kitchen

We’re a little late posting this week, but better late than never! I (archivist/blogger Kira, that is) am at work on the next three weeks of posts, since I found a few holiday items that needed sharing. But I’m back on track with a great 1936 publication from the New York State College of Home Economics at Cornell University Extension Division: The Development of the Successful Kitchen by Ella M. Cushman.

The publication contains plenty more photographs of kitchen arrangements and planning, though the majority of it is text. That shouldn’t surprise us, given that is in an extension publication aimed at education and improvement. In addition to organization, the pamphlet also covers topics like counter and wall finishes, different options for flooring and lighting, and creating multipurpose spaces for things like laundry and business. Although looking at this today, we may raise questions of timeliness of some items or obsolete appliances, the general theme of kitchen efficiency and ease-of-use is timeless.

You can view the pamphlet in its entirety, as well as subsequent editions, on the Core Historical Literature of Agriculture website at Cornell.

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