Autumn and Apples: A Perfect Paring*

*Pun intended, of course!

Apples are appearing in abundance at the Blacksburg Farmers’ Market. I indulged in my first peck yesterday, since my applesauce supply has dwindled to a single batch in the freezer. (As soon as my favorite Arkansas Blacks are available, they’ll be at least one more peck in my future.) With autumn here in SW Virginia at last, I can’t be the only one with an eye for apples and apple recipes, either.

One kind of publication that you’ll find throughout our book stacks and culinary manuscript collections is the extension bulletin. Virginia Tech is an agricultural school and we have LOTS of extension publications, but Special Collections holdings aren’t limited to the Virginia Cooperative Extension. For example, this week’s feature comes from the Cooperative Extension Service, New York State College of Home Economics at Cornell University.

Although the majority of the recipes in this short pamphlet are desserts, there are a couple of other traditional apple dishes: red cabbage and, of course, pork chops. There are classics like apple pie, apple butter, waldorf salad, and apple dumplings. Then a few classic recipes adapted for apples: scalloped apples, apple gingerbread, and apple pancakes. In fact, there are only three recipes in the pamphlet not including apples: dressings for apple salads! Hardly surprising  (or inappropriate) with a title like Favorite Apple Recipes.

You can find the full version of the 1957 edition of Favorite Apple Recipes online through Cornell University’s Core Historical Literature of Agriculture collection. If you’re interested in Virginia Cooperative Extension publications, you can find the most recent ones on their website. You can find some newer and older publications through the university’s institutional repository, VTechWorks. Or you can drop on by and see us. We’re here, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, as always.

And until next week, happy appling!

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