Rawleigh’s: Almanacs, Advertisements, and Information

This week, we’re featuring an almanac from 1926. More specifically, Rawleigh’s Good Health Guide, Almanac and Cookbook. As you might notice from the images above, the W. T. Rawleigh Company make a LOT of different products. The company began in 1889, is still in business today, and is still just as diversified. The almanacs were  yearly (or at least almost nearly) from at least as early as the 1910s and well into the mid 20th century. (Special Collections also has a 1957 almanac in its holdings.)

The title for this item really says it all. There are traditional almanac pages with weather information, sunrise and sunset times, and other predictions, grouped two months together. Opposite each is an essay, offering advise on maintaining good health or on some aspect of the company. Other pages combine mini-essays and recipes on a variety of topics: cooking for unexpected guests, feeding infants (always popular in advice-giving publications!), a vegetarian diet, and more.

What jumps out the most (at least for me) are the color images on the front and back covers are striking in their vividness and their idyllic scenes. While they may not have a blatant connection to the products and advise dispensed within, they certainly make you stop and smell the lilacs.


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