An Orange a Day?

Just a quick note:

Welcome (Back) Students!

It’s the start of a new semester here at Virginia Tech and there are plenty of fresh faces on campus. If you’re just finding “What’s Cookin’ @Special Collections?!”–Hello! This is a blog devoted to sharing the History of Food and Drink Collection at Virginia Tech Special Collections. You can learn more about the blog here and the collection here. We also have a general blog about Special Collections that you can follow here. Feel free to ask questions on either blog or drop by and see us on the first floor of Newman Library behind the new cafe!

This week’s post is a follow up to the one from the on August 8. In that one, we featured 365 Luncheon Dishes and we talked about the variety of other 365 [insert topic/meal] Dishes books. It turns out, there’s at least one more! Rather serendipitously, we stumbled over 365 Orange Recipes: An Orange Recipe for Every Day of the Year. It must have slipped past us, due to the slight change in title, but here it is!

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An orange a day might seem like it could get boring, but the recipes include a startling variety, from drinks and desserts to meats and sandwiches. You may not be inclined to try every recipe in a single year, unless you have an orange tree or access to bulk quantities of the fruit, and you may want to skip some all together (orange and sardine sandwiches?). On the other hand, if you’re seeking something different to do with an orange (champagne orange ice?), this is the book for you!

365 Orange Recipes: An Orange Recipe for Every Day of the Year doesn’t appear to be available online, but you can always come visit us in Special Collections. We’re here Monday-Friday and we’d love to have you!

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