Wondering What to Eat? There’s a Book for That!

Actually, there’s more than one book telling you what to eat. If there weren’t, our collection would be pretty small. Instead, we have more than 4,000 volumes with a LOT of advice, including this week’s feature: What Shall I Eat? Written by Edith Barber and published in 1933, this book contains information for  housewives and mothers, dieters, and even businessmen dining on the go.

What Shall I Eat?  was not Edith Barber’s first book and it certainly wasn’t her last. Into the 1950s, she authored cookbooks, nutrition guides, meal planning/budgeting books, and volumes on etiquette and training servants. This is one of 6 books by Barber at Newman Library. Special Collections also includes editions of Nutrition and Health in Disease for Nurses from 1928, 1935, and 1947. The library at large is home to two other editions of that title from 1933 and 1943.

This book also features illustrations by Helen E. Hokinson (1893-1949). Hokinson was a cartoonist for The New Yorker and Ladies Home Journal, an illustrator for a variety of books, and illustrator of 6 books of her cartoons (three published posthumously). She was well known for her buxom, high-heeled ladies in The New Yorker.


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