Mrs. D. A. Lincoln and a Favorite Summer Treat

June has arrived! The weather lately in Blacksburg has been hot, cold, sunny, rainy, cloudy, and everything in between. Summer is nearly here, though, and it’s as good a time as any to start thinking about ice cream.

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Mrs. D. A. Lincoln (aka Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln) was a well-known cookbook author and cooking instructor. In addition to cookbooks, she authored articles, pamphlets, and a newspaper column. She served as the first principal of the Boston Cooking School beginning in 1885. She also edited a culinary periodical during the 1890s.

Like many of her Boston Cooking School colleagues, she also lent her name to products and brands, including The White Mountain Freezer Co. From 1888 to 1905, Lincoln produced several editions of freezer related pamphlets, including Frosty Fancies from 1898 and Frozen Dainties (of which Special Collections has the 1899 edition). Like many small publications we’ve seen before, this one is a combination recipe book/advertisement.

While the product itself is a single-task kitchen appliance, Lincoln does provide remarkable variety, from favorites like vanilla or chocolate to the more unique “hollipin” (vanilla or almond with wafer cookies) and apricot. From there, she goes on to briefly discuss sherberts, sorbets, water ices, granites (sometimes called granitas), macedoines, and even frozen punches. (Basic ice cream has a LOT of distant and not-so-distant cousins!) The actual recipes supplied are for sherbets, but with an understanding of the differences, it’s assumed one could produce any variant at home. The last page of recipes contains directions for freezing fruits, useful for breakfast, but likely also good along side ice cream….except maybe for the tomatoes. You might want to eat those alone (or save them for your gazpacho, if you need a creative way to keep it cold?).

If you’re not a fan of ice cream, that’s okay, too! There are plenty of summer favorites out there and we’ll be sure to feature some more in the next few months. And if we’ve made your mouth water, it’s okay. Go have a little ice cream–we won’t tell.


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