A Gelatin By Any Other Name…

Most regular readers are well aware of the recurring, wiggling, jiggling, and sometimes frightening gelatin recipes that appear on our blog.  Last summer, we featured a 1960 publication from Knox Gelatine, Inc. But, given the long history of the company, that was actually a more recent publication. This week, we’re taking a look back at some our early publications (1910s-1940s) from the previous incarnations of the company, first established as the Charles B. Knox Co. in 1891, and later known as the Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co. and Knox Gelatine, Inc. (The company was eventually purchased and now owned by Kraft, Inc.) Two of these pamphlets are brand new and all come from Ms2011-002, our Culinary Pamphlet Collection

Below, you’ll find salads, main dishes, and desserts that use everything from hot asparagus juice to prunes, from macerated berries to boiling tomato juice, from canned fish to canned juice, and from macaroon crumbs to mayo mixed with cream cheese. Shapes range from rings and “melons” (aka the “bicycle helmet”) to multi-faceted art deco structures and sea creatures. Oh, and plenty of loaves…


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