One month during the year…

One month during the year should be free of any special cleaning, so the homemaker may have a holiday from routine even if the family does not go away on an annual vacation.

Moffett, Carol Willis. House Cleaning Management and Methods. Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1834, Washington, DC: U. S. Department of Agriculture, January 1940. 


3 thoughts on “One month during the year…

  1. I guess the best part is, Lee, you get to CHOOSE which month you don’t do any special cleaning. (Though apparently you still have to do to your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning!) I’ll be featuring this and a couple other new publications soon enough–they include directions for how to organize your closet.
    And as for me, I simply avoid cleaning until I have to. 🙂

    1. The Prints & The Paper

      Oh, well – I cleaned some old belts out of a drawer in the closet this morning. I guess I would choose August, though, since the AC broke and the temp is climbing toward 100. In fact, I’d just as soon spend the next couple of weeks in New Zealand. Not gonna happen, so maybe put my feet in a bucket of cold water. Lee

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