Vegetable Posters & Children’s Nutrition

Previous posts here have mentioned the Ann Hertzler Children’s Cookbooks and Nutrition Literature Archives, but we have yet to do a feature post about it (not that a single post can contain this sub-collection!). With the upcoming concert event (more about that later this week), your archivist/blogger Kira has vegetables on her brain. Enter the Ann A. Hertzler Collection, a manuscript collection consisting of some of Dr. Hertzler’s extensive publications, subject and research files, posters, and artifacts. Today, we’re sharing one small piece of the collection: posters for children (and parents) about vegetables and nutrition.

In addition to helping children identify different vegetables, on the reverse, this poster has activities to engage children in learning about vegetables. Suggestions include growing vegetables from seeds, making soup in the classroom, creating flashcards, sing alongs, and reading children’s books about vegetables.


The reverse of this poster includes a set of paragraphs on “how to cook vegetables.” Hints include “how to keep natural color” and “how to retain nutritive value.” It provides a recipe for six different of vegetables (white corn, asparagus, spinach, sweet pepper, carrot, and broccoli) in six different families (seed, stem, leaf, fruit, root, and flower).

There is a great deal more about the collection in the finding aid, available online through Virginia Heritage. The finding aid includes links to several small publications about children’s nutrition, images, and slides shows available digitally. Lastly, there is a website under development here about Ann Hertzler, her career, and her collections at Newman Library.

Oh, and don’t forget to eat your veggies!

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