Preserving all those 3×5 cards…

The Rise and Fall of the Recipe Card

This is a great article from last week about the importance of saving all those 3×5 cards with handwritten recipes. While the story has a focus on keeping those cards within a family, it’s also a reminder of what we’re trying to do here at Special Collections: preserve culinary history in its original form for the future. Among our manuscript culinary materials are several collections of compiled and handwritten recipes, as well as receipt books. Recipes cards like these can reveal a great deal about the creators and collectors, as well as supply us foodies with years of history!

There’s a follow up to this article due out this week, so look for that story before the end of the week!


One thought on “Preserving all those 3×5 cards…

  1. hertzler

    Every day food items such as boiled vegetables are usually not included. 60% or more recipes are usually recorded because of necessary proportions.
    However, listing does not tell where the recipe originated or if it was every prepared.

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