It’s a Wonder!

How about a little food nostalgia this week? This nice little find was donated to Special Collections just last year and it had us all amazed at the  undiscovered versatility of Wonder Bread. According to this little book, you can use it to make everything from asparagus wrapped in toast to casseroles to strawberry shortcake and napoleons. And everything in between.

Published in 2007, the book includes recipes, each with a mini-memoir, by fans nation-wide. The two-page spread we’ve chosen to highlight today is strictly for entertainment value. The pepper recipe caused some discussion as to what exactly it might taste like. And the fact that there’s a recipe for how to make a “Wonder Bread Ball” is great!

The table of contents with the list of recipes is available through the catalog record here, if you want an idea of what other creations are waiting to be made. So, go buy a loaf and try some “Wonder Beef Cups”  today (think beef stew in a muffin-tin shaped piece of bread)!


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