Happy National Candy Corn Day!

Candy Corn photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Let’s be honest. It’s just us here, America—a nation and an archivist/food-lover. I want to talk about candy corn. Most of you like it, don’t you? Despite all our protest that its sweetness disgusts us and the jokes about how it was all been made years ago and the same bags just keep appearing on the shelf, we DO buy it. It’s like the fruit cake of Halloween, and, for some of us, our own little guilty pleasure. It even has its very own holiday: National Candy Corn Day! 

So, today, celebrate your love of this classic sweet, born in America during the 1880s. Take a moment to savor those little chocolate Indian corns, bright orange pumpkins, golden yellow ears of corn, and, of course, traditional corns of white/yellow/orange. Here are a few recipes to help you: 

And that’s just a few examples of recipes containing candy corn. Your homage can also take the form of shaped, colored, and flavored cookies, marshmallows, cupcakes, parfaits…The possibilities are endless. Join me, even if it’s just to nibble on a single piece. Happy National Candy Corn Day! 


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