Little Witches: Halloween Recipes

In honor of everyone’s favorite impending candy-laden holiday (just how old IS too old to go trick-or-treating, by the way?), this week we present some pages from The Little Witch’s Magic Cookbook by Linda Glovach. Published in 1972, this cookbook for children includes very basic snack, lunch, and special occasion recipes, including Halloween. With great illustrations, the cookbook walks children through simple and fun recipes for picnic lunches of “pickled peanut butter burgers” with grape lemonade and apples that can be packed in a shoe box; yogurt and tangerine salads; and “ghost toast” (buttered toast with coconut). Although there are many dessert recipes, the book offers healthier meal and snack alternatives, too. It even contains directions on how to make both a “Cucumber Christmas Tree” decorated with candy and a construction paper witch’s hat!

So, throw together a batch of “Witch Mix-Up” and “Chocolate Shivers” and keep your eyes on the blog. There’s another sweet ‘n spooky Halloween post or two yet to come…

And by the way, today’s title is part of a subset of the larger Culinary History Collection at Special Collections: The Ann Hertzler Children’s Cookbook and Nutrition Literature Archive. This sub-collection consists of more than 400 publications donated by or purchased through an endowment created by Ann Hertzler. Books, extension publications, electronic resources, and other materials focus on nutrition education, cookbooks for children, and basic food preparation for children of all ages. More details and other Hertzler items to come in future posts!


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