How do YOU Scramble?

This week’s posting features a kitchen standard: the EGG. They’ve been a staple in every kitchen since the domestication of birds. Eggs form the basis for the sweet and savory, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, and even manage to hold their own as a main dish. From the basic “fried” to the more complex poached “Eggs Benedict”, we can’t seem to go without them. (No gelatin recipes with eggs have emerged here at Special Collections just yet, but there’s time and undiscovered collections yet to search!)

As this page from Woman’s Day (c.1960s?) proves, there is more than one way to complete even the simplest of egg recipes. Depending on your tastes, you can cater to your heart’s scrambled egg desires: custard, creamy, or speckled. Surrounded in bacon, dotted with parsley, or ringed with toast triangles, just be sure you serve them on a HEATED plate (note the repeated direction). No cold scrambled eggs for you, your family, or your guests!

Found among a recently acquired group of collected and compiled recipes, the only thing lacking from this magazine page is color. There’s something delightfully cheerful about the sunny shade of yellow in a scrambled egg that those yellow divider lines just don’t quite convey. Rather, you have to imagine it for yourself. Or, better yet, whip up a batch today, and try a different method. It could be surprisingly eggs-cellent. (Did you really think anyone could manage an whole post on eggs without a single pun?)

As for me (your usual blogger/archivist Kira, that is), I like mine with a more-than-subtle splash of hot sauce or pink peppercorns and parlsey, if I’m feeling alliterative and fancy. How do you eat your scrambled eggs?


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