Canned Meat…at the Beach?

This week, we feature “Platter Chatter with Canned Meats” from Armour and Company, which includes recipes highlighting the value of Armour Star Canned Meats in snacks: Treet pizza, Vienna sausages roasted on sterno (hidden in a hollowed out cabbage, of course!), potted meat sandwiches…You get the idea. The pamphlet is undated, but something about the “fourth meal” snack recipes and illustrations suggests a 1960s “age of entertaining” feel.

While nearly every page seemed worth sharing, we offer you four sample recipes. Enjoy, from us to you—because nothing says “a day at the beach” like hot beef stew.

And since it only seems fair to ask, which would you prefer: Beef stew with a healthy dose of sand? Or are you simply overwhelmed by the prospect of green onions on your corned beef hash beach burger?

One thought on “Canned Meat…at the Beach?

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