Modernist Cuisine has arrived!

Friday afternoon bonus, Food-lovers:

After several months of anticipation, we have added Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking to our holdings! This amazing six volume set includes information on the history and basics of food, techniques and equipment, animals, plants, ingredients, new approaches to preparation, and recipes combining all the knowledge together. Recipes and techniques range from basic to the complex (french fries v. ultrasonic french fries?);the unique (mussels in mussel juice spheres) to the well, frankly, bizarre (foie gras cherries, anyone?); and include a range of ingredients from the household common (sugar) to the uncommon (black summer truffles) to the chemical specialists (super methylcellulose SGA 150). At the same time, with a willingness to acquire a few unusual items, most of these recipes are not beyond the capabilities of the adventurous home cook. More information on the set is available online.

Modernist Cuisine is available for viewing/use in the Special Collections reading room during our normal hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm). We invite you to come by and think about food in a new way (and see how it looks in detailed, high def photographs!). Seafood Paper, Ham Consomme with Melon Beads, Bacon Mushroom Cappuccino, or Gel Noodles may just turn out to be your new favorite dish!


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